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Search Term: recursion If you look too hard you might miss the laugh… Be sure to catch the Did You Mean: at the top of the search results. Search Term: once in a blue moon this can be quantified, apparently Travelling with your pet and need to ensure translation is possible for them? Tired yet? You saw him walking towards your car in those faded jeans, white sneakers, blue polo, and cap. Rodrigo vetoed two or three. Rodrigo finally decided on that ice house on Alabama Street and the two of you sat down for what seemed like minutes, gulped down Coronas as if they were going extinct.

After switching to cheap beer, Rodrigo noticed you peeling the labels off the bottles. Ask them. They like you control them. When una chica say no, quiere decir que no to you, ahorita. So, you have to distinguirse from los otros perros para que they feel special. Como, como los hombres que bailen bien. The mens who dance good get chicas because they think they can fuck good. O, o como when you buy her a drink con expensive tequila, que tienes dinero.

Just look like it for the night.

Would Your Boss Punch You In The Face & Then Laugh When You Bleed

What you study? Puedes tell them una poema de amor.

The 10 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean.

They like that. It show que you smart and like to cuddle no? You laughed and in your deep tipsiness, agreed. You wondered how much of a pussy you seemed to women then, maybe thinking how ludicrous you were to ask a woman of anything at a bar. When they take me from mi mama, they put me in a truck and I cried.

When it stop, they put a rifle in mis manos and told me to matar, everyone I could. Y yo corri. I run so far and I stopped y cried in a hole in la tierra. I kill the first man I see. Asi naci. No eres.

No fue un hombre, it was a boy como yo. I shoot him, Tomas, en el estomago and he died crying por su mama. I watch him die Tomas, and I do nothing. Can you fucking chill right now?

Mauricio tell him to work and y el fucking nigger with three of his friends beat up Mauricio after work. Culeros negros.

You saw the bartender motioning to a few bouncers. Three men surrounded Rodrigo and the bartender was telling you to pay the tab.

You walked over to him and tried to calm him but Rodrigo pushed you away and someone punched him in the nose and he bled and you grabbed him and pulled him, and Rodrigo was heavy. Rodrigo let you lead him to your car and he slumped into his seat as you looked in all sorts of directions for police and gave Rodrigo a dirty rag for the blood. You started the car and drove, Rodrigo laughed, coughed, and changed the radio to ranchera music. You arrived at the furniture store with sunglasses and aspirin as your head and body hurt.

Keeping Your Cool With People You Want To Punch In The Face - Strong Inside Out

Rodrigo had already built a pleather recliner. He seemed normal, whistled and worked hard as ever, and even shook your hand when he saw you. Dude even looked younger. What was he made of? And you? You assembled nine chairs that day and John asked you to translate to this gorgeous Cuban woman. And man was she fucking beautiful, wearing these tight gym clothes strapped to her Coke bottle body who talked with a raspy accent that could lull you to sleep.

You told her not to buy it and John nervously scratched his chest. John made me. Digame que si. Dios mio, what I do to her. This is when you thought Rodrigo was unbreakable. You agreed. You went to the liquor store and settled on a small, cheap vodka, but not too cheap, not in a plastic bottle anyways.

When you arrived at the address Rodrigo gave you, you got confused as it was only a storage facility. You drove around until Rodrigo found you. He lived in a storage unit and his bed took up most of the space. It smelled musty but Rodrigo seemed excited. He pulled up a plastic chair as you presented the vodka.

You fucking punched some dude in the neck.

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No hay dignidad or honor in violence. You do not fight if you are afraid to die. If you are afraid to die, stay home and die solo. What a dumb moment in your life. You were never sure. You said you fought in it. How did you come to be here? I go home and many of los Hondurenos where I live were killed. We see her, laying there, mi mami, dead. El Salvador es mi tierra, but I no like. Then again, what answer were you looking for? Mi mami.

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  3. Good Riddle.

Alli estaba. Mi mami tan bella. He wept until he turned away and laid down and stopped moving altogether. You said his name a few times before placing a comforter on his body and leaving him to his inconsolable sadness, too afraid to help when you could barely be a man.