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Bill Adams provides a huge variety of questions so players of all ages can enjoy themselves. We appreciate his special effort he makes to even keep the kids involved. Throw away your pencil and paper. This IS the way trivia will be played going forward!

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In case of an overall tie between two or more teams, there will be a tie breaker round at the award party. Answers are researched and supported by two official sources where possible.

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Please note, no phone calls will be taken for challenges at any time. If a phone call is placed for a challenge the challenge will not be honored and you will be disqualified for the question.

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Cash prizes will be determined by the number of business sponsors before the end of trivia on April 17, Matthew 26 is the longest New Testament chapter with 75 verses and 1, words. Verses 1, 2, 3, 24, 25 and 26 of the first chapter contain only three words each.

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The shortest verse in the entirety of the Bible is John It is only two words long, comprising a total of three letters. When the Jewish authorities came to arrest Christ they stated they were looking for Jesus of Nazareth. The Lord's reply was "I am. It is not found in the original Greek text of the verse. The longest single verse is Esther , which has 90 words.

The longest in the New Testament is Revelation with 69 words. The longest jaw-breaking words in Scripture are Mahershalalhashbaz and Jonathelemrechokim eighteen letters. Mahershalalhashbaz is the name God gave to a prophetess' son Isaiah - 3.

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Jonathelemrechokim, used in the title of Psalm 56, references the melody that should be used when singing the Psalm. The next longest word is Chushanrishathaim, the name of a Mesopotamia king whom God allowed to harass his people Judges The shortest request made by Christ numbers only two words for a total of seven letters.

While dying on the cross he stated, "I thirst" John After receiving something liquid to wet his parched lips he makes one last statement and then dies. According to the King James Bible, which Judge of Israel had the most written about him or her and why they were called? When the numbers are compared, Gideon narrowly surpasses Samson in this regard. Gideon is discussed in Judges Chapters 6 through 8 while Samson is discussed in chapters 13 through The Biblical record related to Gideon is verses long totaling 3, words, while Samson's is 96 verses long for 3, words.