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I finished Dawn of Wonder in November of I then checked on the 2nd book and at that point you had already been working on it for a few months. So at this point its now been almost 2 years. Did you write yourself into a corner? You ended Dawn of Wonder where Adean showed some interesting powers.

Powers that no one else to that point had. What is taking so long? This is extremely disappointing. Wow, what an incredibly rude comment. Please provide titles of the books you have written so we can read them while we graciously give Mr. Renshaw the time adequate to provide us another brilliant book. Perhaps a couple of rereads would be beneficial? Something is definitely out of sync with your reaction. There are explanations on Mr. Good day. The story for book 2 is complete and going through rewrites so no worries about any stuck in a corner.

I know there are authors out there that might keep their sequels as hostage so they can push other projects on to their fans. There are also those that start out with a great story but never finish. Wow, no most good books take several years to compete Steven King is not t he norn, and though I may be criticized for my opinion, his works also vary in quality. The first book in a series often stews for years or even decades in the making, so please be patient and look forward to a quality second. I have to wonder if you are that rude in person or just the internet.

Just finished the first book and was having trouble finding the second! Am I correct in that assumption??? Talk, yes. Serious offers, not yet.

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One of my favorites from the very first read, or in my case listen. Anticipation is killing. Any update on the progress? Thanks Joseph. Latest update is here. Question regarding the final step. Often the audio portion is about a a month behind. I just finished my review published on Amazon, and returned to the website to download book two, absolutely vibrating with anticipation and then — There is no book two! Any updates?

The Odyssey

Just reread the first one. Hey Tyler.

Describing it on a regular basis, however, would slow the writing down. Thank you for the response! Sorry that bar is all I have lol! Again, it has a layered effect that, when added up, amount to an effective and intricate feat of storytelling. Book Two enjoys more colorful dialogue from the likes of Mira, the abusively foul-mouthed cybernetic chop-shopper; Baruti, the Botswanian campaign manager; and the nefarious Commander Vamon leading the Azadi occupation.

Dreamfall Chapters soars when its quests provide the connective tissue between narrative mystery, tension, and resolution. To keep things fresh, there is also an influx of new and notable characters gracing the second act. For instance, in Arcadia there is Lihko, a wounded Dolmari warrior outspoken against Kian's presence who begrudges him for his Azadi heritage and the sacrifice made by the Resistance to save him.

He's a complex and conflicted character whose intimidating presence is amplified by his booming voice.

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At his side, there is Enu, a sassy feline Zhid with a curious mind and zero filter. In contrast to Lihko, her flirty frankness and positive attitude help to make Kian feel as welcome as possible given the circumstance.

Without a doubt she is one of the more interesting and entertaining characters to be introduced so far. Her snarky dialogue and too-much-information attitude, especially regarding sex, inject much-needed comic relief within a group that is otherwise all business. In addition, there's the mysterious Anna, a cunning rogue who appears to have a history with Kian despite his lapse in memory of any such relationship.

Also crawling out of the woodwork is The Mole, Bip the thief, Hanna the punk rock runaway, and even a familiar face or two from Zoe's past. Other than an underwhelming showing by Reza, who's the most consistently mediocre brat of the pack, this episode walks the Dreamfall walk with plenty of meaningful roles to fulfill and subvert the archetypes within. With unique and diverse characters such as these, the series continues its tradition of utilizing a fantastic ensemble cast--an aspect that cannot be understated but was lacking by the end of Book One.

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The Longest Journey series is a collection of inhabitable moments and by the end of this act, I appreciated what each moment had amounted to. This is emphasized by the radically tense cliffhanger the episode goes out on, which had me questioning every step that led up to it. As these pivotal moments pass, they offer new opportunities to reflect on the events that have come before them. They have a cumulative effect that changes the way in which you see the big picture. What happens in Stark can inform your understanding of what is happening in Arcadia and vice-versa, for their fates are interconnected.

The Excelsior Journey, by George Sirois

And as Kian and Zoe's worlds parallel each other, Dreamfall's world parallels our own, offering social and political commentary via the themes of its stories and the lives of its inhabitants. Book Two succeeds in reminding us that our destination may be predetermined, but our path is not. It's how we choose to travel, and who we keep by our side, that makes the journey worthwhile. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss.

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Dreamfall Chapters Follow. Propast may be a pain to navigate, but it sure is gorgeous. Enu, probably telling a sex joke, and Lihko, unamused as usual. Now then let be the will and counsel of the wooers—fools, for they are in no wise either prudent or just, nor do they know aught of death or black fate, which verily is near at hand for them, that they shall all perish in a day. But go thou now to the house and join the company of the wooers; make ready stores, and bestow all in vessels— [] wine in jars, and barley meal, the marrow of men, in stout skins;—but I, going through the town, will quickly gather comrades that go willingly.

And ships there are full many in sea-girt Ithaca , both new and old; of these will I choose out for thee the one that is best, [] and quickly will we make her ready and launch her on the broad deep. He found there the proud wooers in the halls, [] flaying goats and singeing swine in the court. All these things the Achaeans will surely provide for thee—the ship and chosen oarsmen—that with speed thou mayest go to sacred Pylos to seek for tidings of thy noble father. Is it not enough, ye wooers, that in time past ye wasted many goodly possessions of mine, while I was still a child?

But now that I am grown, [] and gain knowledge by hearing the words of others, yea and my spirit waxes within me, I will try how I may hurl forth upon your evil fates, either going to Pylos or here in this land. For go I will, nor shall the journey be in vain whereof I speak, though I voyage in another's ship, since I may not be master of ship or oarsmen. He will bring men to aid him from sandy Pylos or even from Sparta , so terribly is he set upon it.

Or he means to go to Ephyre, that rich land, to bring from thence deadly drugs, [] that he may cast them in the wine-bowl, and destroy us all. So would he cause us yet more labour; [] for we should have to divide all his possessions, and his house we should give to his mother to possess, and to him who should wed her. Shut were [] the double doors, close-fitted; and there both night and day a stewardess abode, who guarded all in wisdom of mind, Eurycleia, daughter of Ops, son of Peisenor.

Fill twelve jars and fit them all with covers, and pour me barley meal into well-sewn skins, [] and let there be twenty measures of ground barley meal. But keep knowledge hereof to thyself, and have all these things brought together; for at evening I will fetch them, when my mother goes to her upper chamber and bethinks her of her rest. For I am going to Sparta and to sandy Pylos [] to seek tidings of the return of my dear father, if haply I may hear any. Whither art thou minded to go over the wide earth, [] thou who art an only son and well-beloved? But he hath perished far from his country, the Zeus-born Odysseus, in a strange land; and these men, so soon as thou art gone, will devise evil for thee hereafter, that thou mayest perish by guile, and themselves divide all these possessions.