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Black Pioneers of Science and Invention Dr. Haber has lifted from obscurity 14 remarkably gifted black Americans who played crucial roles in this country s scientific and industrial progress. Includes photos and illustrations. Full description. Poundie Burstein. Jacobson MD.

P Seligman. Incredibly Easy! Series Incredibly Easy! David Clarke. Cohen, Ajoy Sarkar Ingrid Johnson.

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Everett Kristen K. Fred Weston. Introduction to Mechanics and Heat. William Engdahl. RV s, Vans, Cars and boats! Do-it-yourself step by step instructions.

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Knight Professor Emeritus. Douglas Brown. Important Documents. Day 1 - Landing in London Fetter Jr. Asghar Bhatti. Finding Modern Meaning in the Sword Saint? Volpe MD. Photo Gallery. An Encyclopaedia of the History of Technology. London: Routledge, Arts and Civilization of Black and African Peoples. Volume eight in this series highlights the science and technology of Africa's Black civilizations. A comprehensive study exclusively outlining the African technological and scientific contributions of Egypt.

Switzerland: Buri Intl. An update profiling inventors and scientists from Africa and the African World Community.

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See also edition under the same title and call number. Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern. A compilation of journal articles from Journal of African Civilizations discussing Africa's past and present innovations made in technology and science. Egypt Revisited. A collection of scholarly articles examining Egyptian influence on the exact sciences, medicine and technology. In Technology and Culture.

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January, pp. An article tracing the application of African agricultural technology in the antebellum South. The African Background of Medical Science. In Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern. An essay highlighting Africa's contributions to ancient and conventional medicine. A Room Reference item Ref New Jersey: Transaction Books, pp.

A discussion presenting the astronomical developments of the Dogon in Mali, Africa.

New Jersey: Transaction Books, , pp. An essay examining the multiple scientific disciplines needed to construct ancient African monuments. Located in the Social Science Department on lower-level three A biographical presentation of those African scientist whose principles are still applied today.

An article outlining African contributions within the scientific study of physics. Steel-Making in Ancient Africa.

Black Pioneers of Science and Invention Summary & Study Guide

A study discussing the development of metallurgy in Central Africa during antiquity. An Ancient Harvest on the Nile. New Jersey: Transaction Books. An essay on the agricultural technologies employed by Africans along the Nile Valley. The Yoruba Number System. An analytical look at the Yoruba's use of their scientific numerical system. Banneker: The Afro-American Astronomer. Salem, MA: Ayer Co. A scholarly work bringing together Banneker's lifelong accomplishments as a mathematician, astronomer, writer, and orator.

The Colored Inventor.

New Hampshire: Ayer Co. One of the first African-American patent examiners reviews the inventive contributions made by Black inventors on the 50th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.

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The Information Society and the Black Community. Westport, Conn. A comprehensive work detailing the use and application of today's technologies within the African-American community. A six part video series examining advances made by 20 people of color including African-Americans in biology, astronomy, and physics. Brodie profiles more than 60 African-American inventors existing during slavery, twentieth century, and well into the modern era.

Black Inventors of America. Portland, Oregon: National Book Co. A book which presents the registered inventions of over 7 African-American inventors. New York: Routledge, In two volumes, the author examines the history race has had on the health care of African-Americans in the United States since slavery to the year New York: J. Wiley, A biographical work re-examining the role of Benjamin Banneker as astronomer, surveyor, publisher, and American patriot.

There are bibliographical references on pp. African-American Inventors Database. Detroit: Detroit Public Library, A printed version of a database listing Black inventors registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as far back as to Ref Medicine, Nutrition, Demography, and Slavery. New York: Garland Publishing, A historical account of health and hygiene for Africans enslaved in the United States.

Great Discoveries and Inventions by African-Americans. Group, Aside from profiling familiar Black inventors, Foy features several obscure individuals including Andrew J. Beard, Clay S. Gloster and Frederick McKinley Jones. A biographical presentation of over 9 African American Inventors: patentee appendix available. Nine Black American Doctors. Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, Highlights the lives and medical careers of nine African-American doctors.

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