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Just silly non-sense fun. If you listen to the sample and like it you will love the book. If you don't like the sample you will hate the book.

Publisher Description

I could not drink anything while listening to this because there was great danger of uncontrollable explosive laughter at any given moment during this story. I am not sure why it tickled my funny bone so much since the Apocalypse is a very serious subject, but this cast of characters and the things that happened to them or because of them was like no other story ever encountered in my extensive reading history. The very names of the characters elicited gales of laughter, especially in the beginning scenes at the Burning Man contest in the Nevada desert.

The law enforcement officers present at that, uh, "contest" , personify every redneck cop ever written about or known personally, but still fresh and new. And what they did there The book description gives a pretty good overall rundown of how the story progresses and there is little I can add without giving away more than I should. The story progresses at just the right speed. The narrator, Guy Williams, contributed a lot to my sense of hilarity.

This was an excellent job of fleshing out characters with voice and tone.


Kudos to Mr. Williams on this. I am still wondering how he managed to narrate this without breaking into laughter himself, so he must be a real professional. This book contains a lot of profanity and sex of all kinds while making a complete fool's game out of the Apocalyse. It is a satirical farce on a grand scale. People in the Bible Belt and those with no sense of humor should probably avoid it.

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Also not for children under, oh, twenty-something. Otherwise, have fun. I knew this would be raunchy and dirty, I mean look at the title, and I was totally ok with that. Until I finally understood what kind of raunchy once I got into it. It's absurd perverted characters A lot of them For no reason.

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So if there were one of these characters I wouldn't mind, two I'd even accept, three I'd start scratching my head and wondering what's up with the authors. But all of them? Everyone has a boner, is trying to jack-off, have sex, doing drugs, or wanting give their sperm to Mother Earth. Oh and there's cock-bugs. Yeah I said cock-bugs, cocks with a bunch of legs. Don't worry, there's some lesbians to round out the mix. They are sex crazed, gun toting, man hating, and ready to kill.

So it's not predictable or stereotypical at all.

See a Problem?

This just didn't work for me. I can't say it's offensive, because I just don't offend easily. It's tasteless. I don't recommend it. There are awesomely bad stories, awesomely bad books, awesomely bad dick jokes Well, I'll amend that to say the first 45 minutes of it were not the first 45 minutes of one of them.

Maybe it got better. I couldn't bear to listen to any more. I figured this book was low brow humor that the typical reviewer just didn't appreciate like an irreverent goofball like myself. I'm a long winded guy, I could write a lot about how unintelligently written it is, how poor the "metaphors" he tries to string together come across, how poor the delivery of the homoerotic dick jokes was, how it reads like notes the potty-mouthed 3rd graders get held after class for writing when they learn new words.

But I won't. I'll just leave you with this: If you're like me, you love the title, the cover art, and have a sense of humor that appreciates movies like Borat, Old School, or anything Kevin Smith does, you giggle at the office when your manager asks if he can borrow your dongle, and you saw the other reviews of this book as a clear case of intellectuals unable to let themselves go enough to have a good laugh at some low-brow humor. Save yourself the time and money, the other reviews are fair, this is bad. Really really bad. And not in a good bad kind of way.

Just bad. For those who are easily offended. Go read something else.

This is funny as shit. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? What could Timothy W. Long and Jonathan Moon have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? How did the narrator detract from the book? What reaction did this book spark in you? Lalala feat. Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes. Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8.

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